Relax Just Breathe Reviews

“Tammy, it’s Txxxx – from your spin class,

I wanted to tell you that you almost made me cry tonight during spin – and NOT b/c you kicked my ass in spin (which you did)- ha… but b/c of your words of motivation, which i felt spoke to my own personal issues. For most of my life now I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, which sadly I have somewhat under control with meds… I’ve tried other stuff, but I can’t kick it. Anyway, I overheard you telling someone in class that you aren’t afraid of anything, and I thought to myself, “damn, I so wish I could say that.” And when we r spinning and you talk throughout the class, particularly tonight about having no fear, and not letting your mind get out of control thinking about the bad, but keeping yourself in a state of calm…those words spoke to me and I related it directly to what I go through in my mind on a daily basis, which is I just freak myself the hell out about life, even unrealistic things. I know it’s sooo weird that I drop all this on you, but I feel like you are a motivator and a positive person to surround myself with, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten teary-eyed during spinning! WTF! I almost wanted to leave class. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming, I just get emotional about it. So, just wanted to tell you how much your words mean and you inspire me to be a stronger person, like yourself. I hope to keep taking your class and maybe benefiting from anything else you have to offer. You rock! Thank you!”

“Hi girl! Its been a Long time since I last did spinning with the famous Tammy… I have lots to thank you for, because you’re the reason I love spinning. Also, you taught me how to breathe correctly lol. It is very hard to come by spinning instructors like you. 

I moved to xxxxxxxx and finally found and got back into spinning again, because I found an amazing instructor. Turns out she lives in xxxxxxxx and commutes to xxxxxxxx like 4/6 times a week! I’m really happy I found some one who knows her stuff and teaches with a Passion like you. I told her all about you [and she] mentioned I shoot you a message letting you know she would be a great sub, or if you know of any places looking for instructors with your type of coaching. I hope all is well, and just to let you know your still my number one best spinning instructor!

It’s the truth you’re the reason I can’t resist a good climb! Forgot to mention: your music is by far awesome!!!!”


"Tammy at Relax Just Breathe is a genius. Beyond the relaxation portion of her massages, she is intuitive in a way few therapist are. Seemingly without any outward signs, she is able to find problem areas and gently coax them back into submission while managing to drop a person into a deep level of relaxation. Her home studio is calming from the first moment you enter with lovely, unobtrusive music and a hint of essential oils in the air. Unlike so many deep tissue massages, I leave feeling lighter and looser without the pain hangover so often associated with relief. Suffering from chronic pain from fibromyalgia and having two cracked disks in my back, getting deep tissue massages is a HUGE challenge, but one that Tammy tackles each and every time. She recently introduced me to hydrofacials and I have to admit I am bowled over by the improvement in my skin. She doesn't try to upsell, pressure or encourage unnecessary procedures, which is refreshing. Tammy has now been my massage therapist for 15 years and I am thrilled she opened Relax Just Breathe. I would be lost without her.

~TT, Boca Raton

Dear Tammy!

Just wanted to let you know, that the Hydrafacial is the most advanced, beneficial treatment I have ever had! Over time, I have experienced many facials at salons in Europe and in the US, as well. This particular process you have is by far the best one. It is cutting edge and beyond what others are offering. It seems to me that it is absolutely the best facial that is available to the public at this time. It is a treatment that I highly recommend. I am thrilled with the results, and I believe my skin is still reaping the benefits. I am completly hooked. See you soon for my next treatment.

Andrea Maar